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SOH requests Governor's Climate Chief to stop private luxury jet expansion

March 25, 2023

The negative climate effects of luxury private jet capactiy expansion at Hanscom Field, expected to generate 450,000 Tons of CO2e per year, dwarf the Commonwealth's other climate intiatives, and represent a setback to climate goals and climate justice.

The Governor has always been a champion for climate. Like so many other officials, she was not aware of this project, which was only recently disclosed.

The quasi-public agency Massport is beyond the control of the legislature, but must respect the Governor. Save Our Heritage has sent a letter to the Governor's Climate Chief, Melissa Hoffer, who we have asked advise the Governor of the situation, share the level of the communities concern, and use her authority to put a stop to the unacceptable growth in greenhouse gas emissions that this project would generate.

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