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Save Our Heritage Asks for Further Review of

Intersection Redsign at Concord Musuem

March 2, 2017


The Town of Concord is planning significant changes to the current Y intersection where the Cambridge Turnpike intersects Lexington Road at the Concord Museum. Most significantly, these changes will cause the Cambridge Turnpike to intersect Lexington Road at a T intersection instead of a Y intersection. This will require significant changes to the Cambridge Turnpike as well as to the sidewalks and utility poles. In addition, the landscape will change as all of the very large pine trees currently at the intersection will be taken down.

These changes represent an opportunity to improve how the public sees both the museum and the Emerson House, as well as improving pedestrian safety. It is planned to coordinate these changes with the improvements that the Museum is making to its educational facilities.

Save Our Heritage has reviewed the draft plans for the intersection and has submitted written comments and suggested improvements to the Concord Historical Districts Commission, which we believe will greatly improve the final result, from a visual perspective, a historical perspective, and also from a safety.


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