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Local Congressional delegation, State Representatives, and State Senators urge governor not to use stimulus funds for development at Hanscom Field

In response to citizen concern with the appropriateness of the use of Federal funds for improvements to corporate jet facilities at Hanscom Field, representatives Tsongas, Markey, and Tierney sent a letter to the Governor urging the state not to fund such projects.

See complete text of this letter

In addition, local Massachusetts State Representatives Atkins, Kaufman, Conroy, and Stanley, along with State Senators Fargo and Donnelly, sent a related letter to the Governor also urging that Hanscom Field improvements for private luxury aircraft are not a good use of Federal Stimulus Funds.

Save Our Heritage and other local community groups have opposed this inappropriate use of Federal funds and praise our congressional delegation for their stewardship of the taxpayers money and their stewardship of the historic communities.


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