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Press release from Sen. Kennedy's office 8/4/2006

Kennedy Works To Preserve Barrett Farm in Concord


The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today approved legislation introduced by Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry to protect a one-of-a kind national historic treasure, The Barrett Farm in Concord, Massachusetts. The House of Representatives passed companion legislation sponsored by Congressman Marty Meehan last fall.

Senator Kennedy said, “Like many other historic areas in our Commonwealth – particularly in the Concord and Lexington area – The Barrett Farm is closely tied to the beginning of the Revolutionary War, and it’s vital to preserve this unique site for posterity. I commend the Energy and Natural Resources Committee for approving this legislation today, and I look forward to its prompt consideration on the Senate floor.”

“Making this treasure part of the Minute Man National Historic Park is an important step in preserving our state’s historic character,” Senator Kerry said. “The preservation of Barrett Farm will help guarantee that future generations will be able to see firsthand Massachusetts’ proud role in the early days of our country.”

Barrett’s Farm is located two miles from the Old North Bridge in Minute Man National Historical Park, and contains approximately five acres. The farm is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is certified as a nationally significant site.

Colonel James Barrett was one of the primary figures in the events surrounding the initial battles of the American Revolution. He commanded the Middlesex Militia and used his farm to store cannon, powder and other munitions. The principal purpose of the British march on Concord on April 19, 1775 was to search Barrett’s Farm for colonial militia arms, but Paul Revere’s ride alerted Barrett to the British plan and he was able to hide the munitions, and later commanded the militia in the battle at Concord Bridge.

The legislation asks the National Park Service to study the history of the Farm and assess its suitability for addition to Minute Man National Park.

The study is a pre-requisite for the land to be added to the park.


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