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8/23/05 – Barrett’s Farm Project moves forward with acquisition of Barrett House


August 23, 2005 – Save Our Heritage today initiated the second phase of the Barrett’s Farm Project by taking ownership of the historic Colonel James Barrett House.  SOH had previously acquired the 3.5 acres of land surrounding the house.

“This is an exciting and indeed historic moment,” said Save Our Heritage Executive Director Anna Winter.  “We are proud to be leading the campaign to save the most important unrestored Revolutionary War site in America.  At the same time, we are conscious of the tremendous responsibility that we have undertaken to protect and preserve this extraordinary landmark.  Community support, in the form of both donations and volunteer work, is essential to this effort.”

The long-term goal of the Barrett’s Farm Project is to transfer the property to the National Park Service for incorporation into Minute Man National Historical Park.  However, this will require Congressional study, authorization and appropriation, a process that is expected to take a few years to complete. 

In the interim, Save Our Heritage is carrying out immediate structural repairs to stabilize the house and protect it from further deterioration, as well as installing a state of the art wireless fire alarm system.  In addition, we have commissioned a distinguished historic preservation architect to prepare a formal Historic Structure Report and Preservation Plan. Our next step will be to seek grants to enable us to begin the preservation and restoration work. 

Although Save Our Heritage has received some generous donations for the Barrett’s Farm Project, the $1.9 million purchase price of the house and land was financed primarily with loans.  These will have to be repaid with individual donations to SOH, because grant funding is generally not available for property acquisition.  Contributions of any amount are much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

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