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Massport CEO Thomas Glynn Retires

November 17, 2018


Save Our Heritage acknowleges the reitrement of Massport CEO Thomas Glynn.

Mr. Glynn was an extraordinary leader who understood the role of Hanscom Field in the regional air transportation system, and listened to the concerns of the communities. Mr. Glynn was always sensitive to the unique location of Hanscom Field in relation to the surrounding natural and historic resources.

Under CEO Glynn the focus for Hanscom Field was managed to be a premier general aviation airport. He respected the Hanscom Field Master Plan which is the official guiding document for airport planning. Under his leadership Massport took control of Worcester airport and has focused commerical expansion efforts at that airfield, where it has contributed to a revitalization of Worcester.

Some previous Massport CEOs did not feel bound by the Hanscom Field Master Plan, resulting in a hostile relationship between the airport and the communites. Mr Glynn's approach went a long way to repairing trust and cooling decades of conflicts.

The communities are hopefully optimistic that the new acting CEO, Mr John Pranckevicius, will continue to work collaboratively with the surrounding Towns, respect the Master Plan, and keep Hanscom Field a good neighbor.


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