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Hanscom Field Proposes Air Expansion 

Sept 26, 2018

Massport quietly introduced plans for a massive expansion of air traffic capacity at Hanscom Field.

The proposal was made in an Environmental Assessment titled "Aviation Facility Improvement Project". This project would represent the largest historic expansion of facilities at Hanscom Field.   The project is outlined in two parts: one part being on the western sides of the airport consistuting 60,000 square feet of hangar and 160,000 sq feet of pavement, and the other part being 165,000 sq of hangar.

Consistent with every planned aviation project in America, they reach a finding of "No Significant Impact." This finding is expected because the thresholds for "significant impact" have been set the the federal agencies to be mathematically impossible to reach.

These projects are always justified by claiming that their is a "user need" for private air travel. No consideration is given to the environmental impacts of aviation.



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