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Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance


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Mission Statement:

Protecting the birthplace of the American Revolution, the cradle of the American Environmental Movement, and the home of the American Literary Renaissance. 



That State and Federal designations are enacted recognizing the historical and environmental significance of this area.   To achieve permanent protection for the national historical, cultural, and environmental resources in the Massachusetts towns of Concord, Bedford, Lincoln, and Lexington in order to prevent their gradual destruction by pollution, noise, and development.


Current Objectives:

The Barrett Farm Project

To protect the buildings and landscape of Barrett Farm, the British destination on the first day of the Revolutionary War, and central to the story of April 19.

To incorporate Barrett's Farm into the Minute Man National Historical Park, in order to complete the Park and help it fulfill its mission. 


The Hanscom Project

To educate the public regarding the special nature of the resources surrounding Hanscom Field and the threat these national landmarks face from the expansion of the airport.

That limits are placed on the increased noise, ground traffic, and environmental pollution that is resulting from the expansion of air traffic at Hanscom Field and changes in the character and use of the airport.  

That State authorities honor their 25 year commitment not to develop Hanscom Field into a commercial airport.

That all future development properly comprehends, discloses, and is appropriately burdened with the costs of damage to the unique historical and environmental resources of this area.  

To increase public understanding regarding the impacts of Airports on health and the environment.

To encourage the development of Federal programs which will reduce the impact of Aircraft on people and the environment


Other Objectives:

To work to ensure that the Orchard House is restored protected from natural deterioration processes which are seriously affecting its condition

To work to ensure that Walden Woods is protected and remaining undeveloped land is reunited with Walden Pond.


Who We Are:

We are a group of Americans who care deeply about the long term future of these historic communities.  Each national landmark in these communities has a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers who have a long term vision for that landmark.  Save Our Heritage does not seek to duplicate this effort but rather to help these different groups come together to focus on common threats.  

The Advisory Board of Save Our Heritage:

Kathi Anderson, Executive Director, Walden Woods Project &Thoreau Institute
Representative Cory Atkins (honorary)
Ed Begley, Jr., Actor, Environmentalist
Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History, Tulane University
Richard D. Brown, Professor of History University of Connecticut
Ken Burns, Director, Producer, Historical Documentarian
Joan Cusack, Actress
Michael S. Dukakis, Professor, UCLA & Northeastern University Former Governor, Massachusetts
Senator Susan Fargo (honorary)
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian, Author
Don Henley, Recording Artist, Founder, Walden Woods Project
Laura Johnson, President,  Massachusetts Audubon Society
Representative Jay Kaufman (honorary)
Michael Kellett, Executive Director, Thoreau Country Conservation Alliance & RESTORE: The North Woods
Congressman Edward J. Markey, (honorary)
Gregor McGregor, Esq.,  McGregor and Associates, P.C.
David McCullough, Historian, Author
Martin T. Meehan, President, U. Mass. Lowell
Richard Moe, President, Natl. Trust for Historic Preservation
Wesley T. Mott, President-Elect,  The Emerson Society
Representative Charles Murphy (honorary)
Congressman John F. Tierney (honorary)
Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (honorary)
Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D., Author,  Professor, Harvard University
Joanne Woodward, Actress, Humanitarian
Executive Director
Anna West Winter

You can contact us at 978-369-6662


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