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Call for environmental review of Crosspoint proposal


Save Our Heritage, together with ShhAir (Safeguarding the Historic Hanscom Area’s Irreplaceable Resources), HATS (the Hanscom Area Towns Committee), and HFAC (the Hanscom Field Advisory Commission), has called for an environmental impact review of the proposed Crosspoint jet service facility at Hanscom Field.

The review would be conducted under the auspices of the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act (MEPA) unit of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, which is a cabinet-level department and as such is directly responsible to Governor Romney.

“It is long past time for Governor Romney to keep his campaign promise to limit Hanscom expansion,” said Save Our Heritage Executive Director Anna Winter. “For years, our state government has woefully neglected its duty to protect Minute Man Park and Walden from the devastating impacts of uncontrolled airport growth. This is one last chance for Massachusetts to show that it is a worthy steward for these nationally important landmarks.”

Save Our Heritage urges all concerned citizens to contact Governor Romney to demand that he support MEPA review of the Crosspoint proposal. You can send him a fax with the click of a mouse button using the easy online form at


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