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SOH files Comments on Luxury Hangar draft Environmental Impact Report

June 6, 2024

The developer has boldly claimed the their draft Environmental Impact Report that the hangar project, which doubles the jet hangar capacity at the airport, is Net-Zero and that it will have no impact because increased flights are "projected to occur regardless of whether the project is constructed" By doing this they avoid the need to analyze any increase in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), noise, VOC emissions, particulates, fuel spills, or de-icing contamination.

An Independent Study has shown this claim of "no impact" to be false. Hanscom Field is the largest GHG source in the region and, contrary to law, is planning to expand and create much more.

MEPA will review the DEIR and determine whether it represents an accurate description and disclosure of the environmental impact. The DEIR is false regarding the project's most important impacts and must be rejected. The public is invited to provide comment on the DEIR, and SOH has done so in this letter.

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