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Massive Aircraft Hangar Development Announced at Hanscom Field

Jan 20, 2023


Plans for a proposed massive development at Hanscom for the North Airfield area near Hartwell Road in Bedford have recently come to light as developers submitted details of their plans to MEPA in an ENF (North Airfield Environmental Notification Form). The proposed development includes -- 

raising the the number of private luxury jet hangars at the airfield to nearly 300%of current1

creating 500,000 sq ft of private jet hangar space

enabling between 16,000 to 32,000 additional private luxury jet flights per year

contribute up to 400,000 tons per year of greenhouse gasses

potentially doubling private jet noise over the Minute Man National Park and Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

the proposed complex covers almost 2/3 of a mile in length on almost 50 acres

paved surface equivalent to approximately 37 acres 

building an additional taxilane 

building an additional service road 

This project will impact all of the surrounding towns but is exempt from all local regulations. The map below shows the relationship of this project (footprint in red) to the towns, the Minute Man National Historical Park, the Greate Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and Walden Pond:    

The proponent of the project, North Airfield Ventures LLC, claims is does not know how many private luxury jet flights will result from a tripling of capacity. The project proponent does not assume any responsibility for the noise, particulate pollution, or greenhouse gasses which the resultant jet traffic will create. Incredibly and confounding all common sense, the proponent argues without evidence that the resulting massive expansion of air traffic will reduce environmental impact and help achive a net zero goal.  A single private jet flight to Europe generates more greenhouse gas emissions than a rural family in India does in an entire lifetime.       

The initial comment period on the Environmental Notificiation Form for the plan is now closed. See the separate reports on formal public comments by citizens and organizations .

1. The current number of private jet hangars is 11. The proposal is to add 27, plus 1 already under construction, for a total of 39. A number of current hangars support transient aircraft and can hold more than one jet. The current hangars total about 418,000 square feet and the proposed hangars total about 520,000 square feet. The relation between square feet and number of aircraft housed is not known.

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