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Local news stories about the North Airfield Project

July 13, 2023

Here are links to various news stories about the North Airfield Hangar Expansion Plan of Hanscom Field.  Newest stories on the top.  The public was only made aware of this project a few weeks ago. It was not explained in the documents provided that this project represents a tripling of the private jet hangar capacity at Hanscom Field. Due to the short noice and lack of available information available to the authors, not all of these stories convey the scale and impacts of this project. Documentation regarding this project is avaiable here


July 13: CNN: Millionaire sells private jet due to environment; concerns re Hanscom expansion

June 15: Lexington Observer: What you can do to help stop private jet expansion at Hanscom Field

June 5: WBUR: Private jets are a climate disaster. Hanscom shouldn't allow more

May 25: Bedford Citizen: Coalition assembling to combat proposed Hanscom hangar project

May 20: Boston Globe: Hangar Plan Sparks Concern About Surge in Climate Pollution

May 26: Reuters: Netherlands Call for climate clampdown on private jets

Mar 16: Bedford Citizen: Commission chair wonders if Silicon Bank relates to Hancom project

Mar 10: Concord Bridge: Local officials seek changes to reduce Hanscom expanstion impact

Mar 3: Lexington Observer: Lexingtonians voice concern over proposed Hanscom development

Mar 2: Bedford Citizen: State agency asks developer to consider fewer hangars

Feb 22: Bedford Citizen: Some activists and officials call for banning fossil fuels in new hangars

Feb 16: Bedford Citizen: Reactions

Feb 16: Concord Bridge: High Environmental Cost of Private Air Travel

Feb 16: Bedford Citizen: Mothers Out Front

Feb 16: Lexington Observer: Plan draws interest

Feb 14: Bedford Citizen: Hartwell Farms Residents Oppose

Feb 12: Lincoln Squirrel: Residents and Officials Protest


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