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Secretary of Environmental Affairs requires environmental imapact report for private jet expansion project

March 2, 2023

The Mass Enviromental Policies Act (MEPA) requires preparation of and Environmental Impact Report for projects it determines have the potential for significant impact. As part of this requirement, the propoent is given a scope of the work to be performed, which can require the project address any issues deemed important by the Secretary to be studied. In creating the scope, the Secretary considers the law, standards of practice, and the public comment letters.

The scope for the private jet expansion project has been released. It has particularly noted and incorporated the concerns of the public and elected officials.

While most comment letters asked the Secretary to stop the project, it is important to note that this process is not a permitting process, but rather a process to make sure that all impacts are disclosed and supported by data or analysis. Therefore the Secretary does not have the power to block the project, only to find the proponent's environmental disclosure inadequate, wihch may force them to do additional work.

Due to a special law, much of this project is exempt from permitting and control of the Towns. However, an important fraction of the project is subject to Bedford permitting and regulation.

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