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New air service at Hanscom met with protests


A new air carrier service at Hansom Field, Streamline Air, has started despite the stated objections of the surrounding communities, and protests of local citizens (see article).

While the few initial operations of Streamline air are not expected to create significant impacts, the door is opened to unlimited numbers of operations with unknown types of aircraft.  "The limits must be defined before operations like this are permitted" says Neil Rasmussen, president of Save Our Heritage.

When the airport operator, Massport, was asked if implementation of this service could be delayed to give the towns time to understand the potential impacts, Massport responded to Congresswoman's Tsongas office that "Massport could not accommodate the request to delay Streamline's operations at Hanscom due to a nondiscrimination clause attached to federal funding for airport infrastructure". 

"We are caught in a situation where even the airport operator says they cannot do anything to control airport impacts or expansion", says Rasmussen.  "This is exactly why it is so important to correct this problem at the Federal level, and why we have made proposals to do this".

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