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North Airfield Project Library

Evaluation of Net Zero claims 

Examining the misleading net-zero claims of the project

IEC Analysis of the DEIR 

An independent analysis of the errors in the DEIR, particularly with regard to ferry flights

Proponent's DEIR

The Draft Environmental Impact Report filed by the proponent. Contains critial errors. Should be read in conjunction with the IEC study

Project Term Sheet 

Massport's financial and project agreement with proponent

North Airfield Environmental Timeline 

Process milestones for Environmental Review

North Airfield Environmental Impact Report Scope 

State mandated requirements for Environmental Impact disclosure for the Jet Hangar project

North Airfield Environmental Notification Form 

The detailed proposal to triple the jet hangar capacity at Hanscom Field

The Developers of the Hangar Project 

The secretive developers and funders of the project, and their relationship to the failed Silicon Valley Bank

FAA grant assurances 

Examining Massport's claim that the FAA requires them to build luxury hangars

2017 Environmental Status and Planning Report 

Massport's latest report on the state of the airport and environmental impacts at Hanscom Field

2022 Annual Noise Report 

Massport's 2022 report on flight operations and noise

2021 Annual Noise Report 

Massport's 2021 report on flight operations and noise

2022 State of Hanscom 

Massport's 2022 report on the activites at Hanscom

2021 State of Hanscom 

Massport's 2021 report on the activites at Hanscom

Low-carbon aviation

The potential for low carbon private luxury jets at Hanscom Field

Understanding Ferry Flights

Different types of ferry flights and how the project might affect them

Calculations of Gobal Warming Effects

Explaination of how global warming effects of private jet traffic at Hanscom Field are computed

The Hanscom Field Master Plan

The official and only policy document of Massport regarding Hanscom Field

Private Jet Fuel Consumption

Table showing fuel consumption by type of aircraft

Noise Impact Map

The most recent map showing areas of high impact (not made since 2000)

Economic Impacts of Hanscom Field

A review of the claims made regarding the economic benefits of Hanscom Field shows that they are overstated

SOH White Paper on Aviation Sales Tax exemption

A discussion of the loophole exempting private luxury aviation from sales taxes in Massachusetts

SOH White Paper on Noise Impacts of Hanscom Field

A discussion of the appropriate noise metrics for assessment of impacts at Hanscom Field.

Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990

The legislation that took away all the rights of states or airport owners to control aviation noise.

Four Town's Warrant Article on Hanscom Field

The 1997 Concord warrant article expressing planning objectives for Hanscom Field. Lincoln, Lexington, and Bedford passed nearly identical articles.

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