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Citizen Opposition Critical as Massport Presses for new development at Hanscom Field

Please sign a petition to the Governor

Massport is devoted to a course of action that will destroy this community and all the historic resources that lie within. As reported in the Boston Globe, Massport plans to "expand Hanscom Field's hangar and office space by more than a third, further establishing the airport as a hub for corporate travel."

A Woburn-based company, Crosspoint LLC, shares Massport's determination to bury Walden and the North Bridge under black emission soot and ear-shattering jet noise. Last year, more than 33,000 private jets ripped and thundered through our skies at low altitudes. The addition of Crosspoint's new facility will guarantee more than 100,000 jets in just 10 years.

Our communities have spent decades appealing to Massport to limit the jet growth at Hanscom. Dire concerns about increasing jet traffic have been voiced by the citizens of the four towns through unanimous town meeting votes, by our elected representatives, by Scenic America and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, by historians Ken Burns and David McCullough, and many other historians and environmentalists. All have been met with sarcasm, disrespect, and demeaning dismissal by Massport.

With the announcement of the Crosspoint expansion, the line is now drawn clearly in the sand. If these towns are to survive with any historical and environmental integrity intact, we must fight this expansion with every ounce of energy and spirit we can muster. To enact federal legislation to limit the growth of this airport, we need the ardent support of our Governor and our U.S. Senators. All three have stated, on the record, that they are opposed to Hanscom Airport expansion. They need to hear from you that one of America's most historic areas needs to be protected now, before it is too late.

So as we approach the holiday season, please do what you can to help. Write directly to our senators and governor, call or stop by our office to sign our petition, or volunteer an hour or two to help us with our petition drive around town.

For centuries these towns have symbolized the essence of patriotic and environmental consciousness and conscience. Let's keep this tradition honored and alive. Let's save this place we love.

Anna West Winter

Executive Director

Save Our Heritage


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