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North Airfield Environmental Review Process Timetable

April 2, 2024

 Mepa Review Process  Projeced Timeline  Comments 
 MEPA Issued Certificate Detailing Scope of DEIR  February 24th  Scope Issued
 Developer Prepares DEIR Based on MEPA Scope  At least 6 months TBD (August/September)  Done
 Public Meeting Prior to Release of DEIR (review technical data)  Various times  Meetings Held
 DEIR Released  March 2024  Released
 30-Day Public Comment Period  TBD  
 MEPA Issues Second Certificate Scope for Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)  14 days after close of Comment Period  
 30-Day Public Comment Period  TBD  Timeline dependent on scope of the certificate
Final MEPA Certificate is Issued   14 days after close of Comment Period  

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